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MarmorinExtra INR   140 INR  140


VISOLCALCE MARMORIN EXTRA, Venitian polished plaster (Venetian Marmorin) is a finishing paste ideal to achieve translucent finishes like “calce rasata”. It is based on lime putty, earth pigments, micronized marble, additives and adhesion promoters. After application it reacts with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere generating microcrystalline calcium carbonate and forming a compact, homogenous and transpiring finish. It gives the wall fascinating effects, specifically indicated for historical buildings and walls particularly where cornices or other decorative friezes are on the façade. Suitable for application on homogeneous, absorbent and seasoned lime based plasters or lime cement based mortars. Due to the natural composition of the product the final colour will result with a shaded effect according to the absorption of the substrate, the climatic conditions and the method of application. Rate per sq.ft. is Rs.140/-

INR 140 INR 140


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